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is  an ancient Art which brings a person into balance physically, mentally,  spiritually and emotionally. The Japanese word Reiki means Universal  Life Force Energy. Reiki surrounds us; it provides vitality, life,  strength, well-being, worthiness and love. This energy is transmitted  through practitioner to client; when placing hands on the body, the  practitioner becomes a channel for this loving cosmic energy.

The  most common use of Reiki helps bring the body into balance so it can  heal itself. Reiki treats the whole person including the body, mind,  spirit and emotions. Many beneficial effects include relaxation and  feelings of peace, serenity and security, with a general sense of  well-being.

When receiving hands on Reiki treatment the client  lies on the Reiki table. - similar to a massage table - fully clothed.  The practitioner's hands are placed in a precise pattern on the front  and back of the body. The treatment is done in silence with soothing  background music and lasts one hour, beginning and concluding with brief  conversation.

Connect with Reiki, LLC is unique as Carol &  Clint are a married couple offering Reiki (Universal Energy) for many  different venues of treatments. As a generalization all Universal Energy  comes from the same source, however how this energy is drawn and  utilized contributes to the balance between the whole person's body,  mind, spirit and emotion. As everyone's individual energy is unique, the  same is true of the Reiki practitioner's energy. While the same  consistent Universal Energy is being drawn by each person, the  practitioner offers an individual a unique tweak or perspective of this  life force energy when giving a treatment.

Carol & Clint  (Connect With Reiki, LLC) extend to the person many opportunities to  enhance the individual's Reiki treatment based on the differentiation of  gender. The Feminine side is more intuitive and has a greater sense of  awareness with a deep value of life in others. The Masculine side is  more rational, aggressive and places a belief in the value of your own  life. A person's Yin & Yang or Masculine & Feminine side  requires a balance and harmony in relationship to your overall Core  Self.

All Reiki Therapy Treatments are one hour long

The Reiki Treatments can be tailored as follows:

Individual Reiki Treatments: $60/hr.
*Carol as the practitioner giving a person a treatment
*Clint as the practitioner giving a person a treatment

Couple or two individuals' treatments at the same time: $60/hr each

*In the same room, two Reiki tables, one Reiki Treatment by Carol and one Reiki Treatment by Clint.

Yin & Yang Treatment: $75/hr.
*Carol & Clint together give an individual Reiki Treatment.

Treatments by Appointment Only


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Why a Reiki Healing Treatment is for You

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Reiki Overview
Reiki  is a compassionate, gentle, complementary energy based approach to  healing and health.  Reiki is administered by light contact/non-contact  of hand positions, with the goal of this “life force energy” to flows  through the body, emotion, mind thus enhancing the natural healing  ability.  A natural state of balance and harmony is achieved.

How Does Reiki Work?
Our  bodies emit an electromagnetic field (EMF) similar to what researchers  have proven to be the EMF that heals tissue and bone.  Reiki Therapy  helps harness our body’s natural ability to heal by focusing the body’s  attention on what needs to be healed, whether it is body or well-being.

The Science Behind Reiki; Bernadette Doran BS, RMT; Equilibrium Energy + Education:


Some Healing Energy Based Outcomes of Reiki Treatments

  • Complements chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, yoga
  • Achieve an energy state of balance and harmony to complement natural body healing
  • Helps shift physical, emotional and/or mental blocks that no longer serve you (dis-ease)
  • Helps manifest a higher level of consciousness for your greater well-being
  • Helps be more receptive to peace, love and joy
  • Opens the energy flow to vibrant health, radiant beauty, and true happiness
  • Gives comfort and peace to Hospice patients
  • Helps you more fully align with your natural intuition
  • And more

A Reiki Treatment Consists of:

  • Completion of a brief information form
  • Brief conversation prior to treatment
  • Fully clothed, lying on a Reiki (massage) table
  • 12 or more hand positions during the course of an hour while soft music plays in the background
  • Conversation after the treatment

Additional In-depth Reiki Resources

University of Minnesota Hospitals: Reiki / Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing http://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/explore-healing-practices/reiki/how-does-reiki-work

Aurora Hospital  System


Grace Hospice

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